Our Solution

OMNIFY (Omni-Channel Amplify) is a proprietary solution we developed with our technology partner, which enables us to enhance existing digital signage/ poster/ screen (as an advertising/communication medium) to interact with a smartphone through a simple tap without downloading any mobile app, right up to completing transaction payment. It bridges offline media to online media.
Our technology partner's R&D team is constantly innovating and challenging themselves to create the next advancement in technology and collaborating with us to deploy a commercially viable solutions in the marketing communication space. Do follow us as we continue to push out revolutionary Omnify solutions.

 The Medialogists

Sean Badlishah

He has experience across the board in marketing communications ranging from creative and production to account management and new business development. He has headed up 2 ad agencies where he has driven new business, operations and infrastructure. He has a strong entrepreneurial spirit that has culminated in the setting up of TMW Asia and now Medialogy Lab. He is adept at identifying business opportunities and growth areas together with providing business and marketing solutions for new and existing clients.

Heading out to the sea and immerse himself with the thrill of deep-sea fishing without any internet connection would be his favorite sanctuary.

Eugene Chong

He has more than 17 years of experience in making things happen for clients on the technology side of the equation. He has a multi-disciplinary knowledge in research, project planning and management, programming, database design, hardware design & construction, data analytics, digital advertising, social media marketing and new technology implementations.

When he is not busy building tech, he is most likely shopping online for the latest tech gadgets.